Excited! We are Visiting Carlo Liviero Children’s Home on 29th May 2021

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We are excited because we will finally visit Carlo Liviero Children’s home. We will visit on 29th May 2021. This home is located in Embu County, in Kenya.

We had planned to visit the home on 27th March 2021. Unfortunately, we did not because of the lockdown. Read here for more.

As stated on their website, Carlo Liviero Children’s home offers shelter and education to boys who are orphans, street children, and needy children. 

It is a blessing to partner with God to share his love and care with these children. To remind them that they are not alone, someone loves and cares for them. This will definitely make this children hopeful.

This is a joyous thing to do! Join us!

When we help these children we are lending to God: Proverbs 19: 17 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

Lending to God is awesome because you are guaranteed he will pay you back.

See more bible verses about helping the poor.

Pray that this visit will be a blessing to these children. That they will be encouraged, receive the word of God, and find hope in God.

On 29th May 2021, when we visit we will show God’s ❤love and care to the children through;
  1. Sharing food and hygiene stuff with them.

Foodstuff include; Rice, sugar, wheat flour, cooking oil, candy and biscuit.

This are raw food stuff except candy and biscuits.

Hygiene stuff include; tissue and bar soap

2. Spending time with the children

We will spend time with the Children. While with them, we will share the word of God, pray, play, and chat with them.   

We will share the word of God with them to remind them that God loves them and that in Him there is hope for a better future.

We request you join us in partnering with God in this noble deed.

You can join us by;

1. Donating food and hygiene stuff or money to buy them.

The food and hygiene stuff include; Rice, sugar, wheat flour, cooking oil, tissue paper, and bar soap.

To donate food and hygiene stuff email us via contact us form.

To donate money click on the donate button below.

Donate next time we already visited, thank you

 We will accept donations of any amount and quantity of the stuff. Because we agree with what the Swahili say – haba na haba hujaza kibaba. Translation – Little and little fills the jar.

In this context: Your little donation and our little donation will amount to much food and hygiene stuff for the boys in this children’s home.

Donate cheerfully from the abundance of what God has blessed you with.

We will give an account of every dollar donated.

2. Accompany us to the children’s home

Accompany us to the children’s home on 29th May 2021. You will interact with the children one on one and give them the warmth of a visitor.  You also will be able to encourage, pray, play and listen to them.

So, kindly consider accompanying us even if you donate. 

To accompanying us, email us email us via contact us form.


The poor and needy are always with us. We encourage you to always remember that you can help them, and you do not need to have much to help. You should use what God has given you.

Examples of things you can use to help the poor or needy

  1. Strength. You can help an elderly person clean their house or repair something in their house.
  2. Time. Visit a sick person and bring them their favorite meal. Spend time listening to them and encouraging them.
  3. Few dollars. Buy a needy person one meal, or buy an exercise book for a needy school-going kid.
  4. Fundraise school fees for a needy p/needy. p
  5. Donate items in your house such as clothes, groceries, toys…
  6. Kind words. Communicate to the needy & poor using kind words, when they approach you. Give them a smile and encourage them.
  7. Introduce a street child to a children’s home where they can get shelter and education.


Above all, when you pray,  always pray for these children, the poor and needy.

Prayer that they find peace in God, the prince of peace.

Pray that their lives will in the end be glorious and be lives that will glorify God.

Pray that God will always send people to love, care and guide them.

Donate next time we already visited, thank you

God bless you, he loves you

We love you

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Morgan

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