Should You Date Online if You are a Christian?

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Online dating is starting a romantic relationship or potentially romantic relationship on a website or app.

It is becoming a popular way of people meeting spouses. A study by  Kaspersky daily  confirms this. They conducted a survey on usage of online dating in 32 countries and found out that out of three people one was dating online.

Should a Christian be among the many people dating online? 

We have encountered Christian singles who are not sure whether dating online is right or wrong.

Today we give you an answer on whether it is okay for, you, a Christian to date online.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, leave us a comment at the comment section.

So, is it right for a Christian to start a romantic relationship on a website?

First, the bible does not mention where you should meet a person you intend to marry. However, the bible gives the characteristics of the person you should date and marry.

Therefore, whether you meet a person online or offline they should have the characteristics described in the Bible.

Second, God is not limited and because he is not limited, he can connect you to your godly mate in different platforms. Should you exclude a dating site from the ways God can connect you to a mate? No

People are prayed for online and they receive healing, salvation, the Holy Spirit and many more miracles. The same way you can receive your miracle of a wife or husband online.  

By the way God is also not limited to connecting you to a mate within the Church building or Christian gatherings.

Some Christians have met godly spouses on business trips, in a bus, school, neighborhood, market, through relatives, friends etc.

How did you meet your spouse? We would love to know, share with us on the comment section. We will share with you how we met before we finish the post.

Does dating online show a lack of faith in God?

No, it is not a lack of faith if you are going on the dating site believing God to guide you.  


Having looked at those three things we conclude that it is okay for a Christian to date online.

The Christian should know the character of a mate that God desires for them and check people on the site against those characters.

We advise Christians who wants to date online to join Christian dating sites.  Joining Christian dating sites gives you a higher chance of meeting Christians.

Whether dating online or offline do not rely on your own understanding and outward looks.

Instead, rely on God to guide you to a sincerely born-again Christian who you can together serve the purpose of God.

May God guide you to a mate you can together say “ O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.” Psalms 34:3

As you date and wait for God to guide you to your mate see our post on How to be Happy Single: 6 Godly ways to be happy as you wait for God to give you a mate

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