Happy new year! Join us in our Prayer for 2022

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We thank God for his grace and mercy that he has blessed us to come to new year 2022.

We ushered in the year 2022 in the alter praying, singing and dancing to the Lord Jesus Christ.
We took holy communion and foot washed.
Our prayer is that;
1. God will help us to stay in his perfect will.
2. We will come into harmony with every word of God.
3. God will put an edge of protection on each one and protect us from seen and unseen danger.
4. God will shower his mercy on us every day.
5. We will be united to accomplish the will of God in these last days.
6. God will provide all our spiritual, physical and financial need.
This is our prayer for us and for you for the year 2022. Our God is faithful to hear and answer.
When we are in God’s perfect will, all other things shall fall in place for he provides for his will. Have a blessed year 2022.
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