Children’s Home Visit Postponed

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We postposed the visit to Carlo Liviero children’s home due to Nairobi County lockdown. Carlo Liviero Children’s home is in Embu County. 

We apologize for any in convinces caused.

 We decided to postpone the visit on 26th March 2021, few hours after the President announced a lockdown for Nairobi county and four other counties.

When the president announced the lockdown, we were at Embu County and ready to visit the children’s home next day. However, when the president announced a lockdown for Nairobi, we changed plans and travel back to Nairobi so that we are not be locked out of Nairobi for a period not specified.

We will reschedule the visit and inform you. 

Thank you for understanding.

Thank you to all who supported us in prayer and contribution.

Your contributions are well-kept and will be used when we reschedule the visit. Every coin will be accounted for because we believe in accountability and transparency.

If you would like to make a contribution towards the visit, contact us at [email protected]

God bless you.




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