About us

Welcome🤗 to our blog

We welcome you to our blog with a warm heart. God loves you and we love you too.

Why we have started the blog

We have started this blog to edify the body of Christ: His bride, by writing biblical principles for singlehood, relationships leading to marriage and marriage.

We cannot write about these principles without studying the Bible because the Bible is our manual as Christians. Therefore, we will post bible study topics on all aspects of life.  

Our goal is to point you to Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our faith.

We will also share our life experiences and activities with you.

The experiences and activities include;

1. How we applied the bible principles when single, now when we are married and the excellent results we see.

2. Our charity work, where we will be helping the less fortunate abroad. We will be helping individuals and orphanages.

We know that;

1. Given the high rates of divorce and unstable marriages, single people often wonder if it’s possible to find someone they can trust, love and be faithful to and get the same from that person.

We also had this question and we are here to give you hope, to let you know that God has someone for you. Someone who loves God, you can trust and will be faithful to you. God had someone for us, he has someone for you! Don’t give up.

2. Marriage was started by God; it was not man’s idea. Therefore, for a couple to have a marriage that fulfills God’s purpose they must do it God’s way. The bible: God’s word has principles for a successful marriage and we will share them in this blog. Marriage done God’s way works!

Who are we?

Ever met a Christian age gap couple? You have met one: us.

We are a born-again couple; Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Morgan. Our names; Eddie Morgan and Beatrice Morgan. Eddie is a Pastor and a practicing electrician while Beatrice has a degree in Nursing but she is not practicing at the moment.

We love God more than anyone and everything else. We love studying the word of God, meditating on it and living it. Our greatest goal is to get closer to God, live a life worthy of the gospel and be a blessing to many especially the body of Christ and the less fortunate.

We love each other, we love and enjoy being married to each other. We thank God for how he brought us together and how he has been guiding us in marriage.

Keep coming back you will read how God brought us together. Above that we pray that you will be edified by the posts.

God bless you

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